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Welcome to N2Africa in Ethiopia

'Putting Nitrogen Fixation to Work for Smallholder Farmers in Africa'

(Disclaimer: This wiki is the working space for the N2Africa project implemented in Ethiopia. It lists events, and has various meeting and workshop materials, reports etc. The official outlet for information about the N2Africa project, for general audiences, is the website: [[1]]).//

The main objective of N2Africa project is to increase biological nitrogen fixation and productivity of grain legumes among African smallholder farmers, contributing to enhanced soil fertility, improved household nutrition and increased cash income. Activities will focus on common bean, soybean, chickpea and faba bean in Ethiopia. Phase II will use the experience gained from Phase I to expand activities to reach many more farmers in Ghana and Nigeria, and extend the project to Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda (the five Core Countries) in the next 5 years (2014-2019). The N2Africa Phase II funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and led by Wageningen University together with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). On 27-28 February 2014 the project was launched in Ethiopia. The N2Africa Phase II has five major objectives, namely:

  • Objective 1: Project strategy, coordination and implementation and capacity strengthening
  • Objective 2: Delivery and dissemination, sustainable input supply, and market access
  • Objective 3: Empower women to increase benefits from legume production
  • Objective 4: Tailor and adapt legume technologies to close yield gaps and expand the area of legume production within the farm
  • Objective 5: Enable learning and assess impacts at scale through strategic M&E

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N2Africa-Ethiopia Partners and Collaborators

NARS PLCs Farmers Cooperatives Unions NGOs
* ARARI [Amhara Region Agricultural Research Institute]
* EIAR [Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research]
* Haramaya University
* HWU [Hawassa University]
* MoANR [Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources]
* OARI [Oromia Agricultural Research Institute]
* ACOS Ethiopia [Agricultural Commodity Supplies]
* AKF [Alema Koudijs Feed Plc]
* Anno Agro Industry
* Balegreen [Balegreen Spice and Grain Development Plc]
* Guts Agro Industry
* MBI [Menagesha Biotech Industry Plc]
* Shayashone Consulting
* Agarfa Farmers Cooperatives Union
* Anzina Farmers Cooperatives Union
* Becho Woliso Farmers Cooperatives Union
* Bore Bako Farmers Cooperatives Union
* Damota Wolayita Farmers Cooperatives Union
* Erer Farmers Cooperatives Union
* Ghion Farmers Cooperatives Union
* Hunde Chewaka Farmers Cooperatives Union
* Mama Farmers Cooperatives Union
* Sidama Elto Farmers Cooperatives Union
* Tsehay Farmers Cooperatives Union
* Uta Wayu Farmers Cooperatives Union
* CRS-F2F [Catholic Relief Service-Farmer to Farmer]
* FC [Facilitator for Change]
* MfM [Menschen fur Menschen]
* SCS [Sodo Chatolic Secretariate]

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