N2Africa Annual Review&Planning Workshop Jan.2016

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ILRI-N2Africa Annual Partners’ Review and Planning Workshop 27-29 January 2016 Lalibela Auditorium, ILRI Campus, Addis Ababa

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Introduction to the Workshop

N2Africa is a large scale, science-based “research-in-development” project focused on putting nitrogen fixation to work for smallholder farmers growing legume crops in Africa. Its vision of success is to build sustainable, long-term partnerships to enable smallholder farmers to benefit from symbiotic N2-fixation by grain legumes through effective production technologies (including improved seeds, inoculants and fertilizers), efficient input supply chains and market linkage.

As a mode of implementation, N2Africa has developed and is coordinating Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) with different public, private and development legume value chain actors to ensure long-term sustainability of knowledge transfer, legume technology dissemination, efficient input supply chains and access to markets. These partnerships are composed of multi-stakeholders and are clustered based on the priority legume crops and geographical areas. Although detailed evaluations and further syntheses of the partnerships are to be undertaken at some reasonable partnership period, encouraging progresses were made in legume technology development and dissemination, knowledge transfer and in input supply chain development and grain marketing. However, there are differences in the scale of operations (along the value chain functions) and level of coordination among the partnership clusters reflecting their differences in the level of performances and maturity. Besides the formal regional partners meetings and the more frequent small-scale task force meetings at local levels within each partnership clusters, it is important to organize Annual National Partners Review and Planning Workshop as a regular annual stakeholders’ platform to engage with all partners to review achievements, lessons, challenges and set out clear future directions for increased performance and sustainability of impacts.

Objectives of the Workshop

  • To critically review and understand the level of performances of the partnership clusters in terms of technology dissemination, knowledge transfer, input supply and grain market access.
  • To discuss challenges faced, lessons learnt and to make an overall monitoring and evaluation of the partnership processes eventually culminating into the development of work plan for 2016 fiscal year at each partnership cluster.

Expected Outputs

  • Partnership achievements and progresses will be presented and reviewed
  • Experiences and lessons learnt will be shared among the different partnership clusters
  • Potential challenges and opportunities will be identified and considered in the annual planning for possible solutions
  • Clear future directions will be set and partnerships will be further comprehended and strengthened
  • Annual work plans will be developed and agreed among cluster partners
  • Agreed processes to monitor and evaluate specific partnerships’ activities and results

Process to meet expected outputs

  • Presentations, focused meetings and group discussions between and within each partnership clusters. Partners will come with their respective cluster joint PowerPoint and/or poster presentations (few lead firms and input companies will make separate poster presentation), highlights and issues to stipulate discussions (progresses with implementation of activities, synergies with stakeholders- initiatives/plans to pull together efforts; undertakings within the legume value chain, challenges and suggested solutions, future directions)


Day One: 27 January 2016
Time Activity Presenter Facilitator Rapporteur
8:30 Arrival and Registration - Simret -
9:00 Welcome remarks
Introduction to the workshop, aims, process
Participant introductions
Boni Moyo
Peter Ballantyne
9:30 Overview of the Project: Partnerships, achievements, way forward Endalkachew Peter ILRI CKM
9:45 Partnership cluster Presentations (North): Achievements, lessons, challenges and opportunities Lead partners Peter/ Endalkachew ILRI CKM
10:45 Coffee/Tea Break & Group Photo Organizers
11:15 Partnership cluster Presentations (Jimma, Pawe, and South East): Achievements, lessons, challenges and opportunities Lead partners Peter/ Endalkachew ILRI CKM
13:00 Lunch Break Organizers
14:00 Poster presentations from private partners and one Union (ACOS Ethiopia, AKF, MBI Balegreen, Guts Agro and Tsehay Union): Overview of the companies, challenges and opportunities in the legume value chains Representatives Peter/ Endalkachew/ Edward ILRI CKM
15:00 Partnership cluster Presentations (Chewaka, and Central): Achievements, lessons, challenges and opportunities Lead partners Peter/ Endalkachew ILRI CKM
16:00 Coffee/Tea Break Organizers
16:30 Partnership cluster Presentations (South): Achievements, lessons, challenges and opportunities
Joost Fred ILRI CKM
17:00 Close

Day Two: 28 January 2016

Time Activity Presenter Facilitator Rapporteur
9:00 Recap of day one / plans day 2 Participants Peter/ Endalkachew ILRI CKM
9:30 Cross-cutting research: Models for input and output supply: An application of ICT solutions Edward Peter
9:40 Cross-cutting research: Rhizobiology Tulu Peter/ Endalkachew ILRI CKM
Overview of N2Africa data flow and outcomes Joost
9:50 Cross-cutting research: Discussion Participants Peter/ Endalkachew ILRI CKM
10:20 Informal reflections on progress and achievements BMGF representative Peter/ Endalkachew ILRI CKM
10:30 Coffee/Tea Break Organizers
11:00 Preparations for annual planning: Overview of priority implementations in each cluster, partners’ tasks, and approaches. Tamiru/ Endalkachew Fred/ Edward/ Joost ILRI CKM
12:00 Partners grouping: Partners sub-divided in to their respective partnership clusters, evaluate previous progress and agree on their priorities for 2016 Partners N2Africa team Group leaders
13:00 Lunch Break Organizers
14:00 Work plan development: roll out coffee as part of group work Partners N2Africa team Group leaders
17:00 Cocktail Organizers

Day Three: 29 January 2016
9:00 Work plan development: roll out coffee as part of group work Partners N2Africa team Group leaders
13:00 Lunch Break Organizers
14:00 Presentations of cluster’s work plans in plenary Lead partners/ group leaders N2Africa team ILRI CKM
16:00 Coffee/Tea Break Organizers
16:30 Synthesis of actions
Wrap up and closing
N2Africa team ILRI CKM
17:00 End

Workshop Materials

N2Africa PODcaster news item

ILRI blog story

Workshop Posters

Overview of Project Partnerships Achievements Way forward

Cluster Presentations

Cross-cutting Issues Presentation

Questions and Feedback

Overview of Planning Session

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